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Experience the Crystal-Tone Bowls
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                   2016 Calendar

Ignite the Power of YOU
to New Worlds of
through the Ancient Art of

Sound Healing in the
Vortex Energies of

Sedona, Arizona!

Kallista Snow is a born intuitive.

From France, she has studied
yoga, reflexology, 
and sound healing
with Crystal-Tone Crystal Bowls

Kallista is also a Certified Practitioner
of Emotion Code Counseling
by Dr. Bradley Nelson. 

30 or 45 minute sessions can be arranged in Sedona, or via SKYPE or phone anywhere in the world. Call Kallista Snow at (928) 274-3111 for an appointment or e-mail her at  KALLISTA-SNOW 
March is Sold Out
May 13 - 14, 2017

in Sedona, Arizona
  Barbara Marciniak

Pleiadian Channeling Seminar
 Advance Registration for the   
May 13-14, 2017

weekend seminar
is open NOW.

2 Days that could literally,

"Change Your Life!" 
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2016 Yearbook
The 2016 YEARBOOK is being published in April 2017.

CLICK HERE to order.  We ONLY get Yearbooks for pre-paid Orders.

Orders will CLOSE about April 5, 2017.  Order Today!

All 2017 Calendars are SOLD OUT!

NOVEMBER 22 - 25, 2013
Doctors Raymond MOODY and Bradley NELSON with Paul PERRY and Karla KAY
3 independent alternative-healing Seminars to Expand our Consciousness, now on DVD!

The 2016 edition of the annual  Mass Dreams Newsletter  is available.   I only mail the  PRINTED NEWSLETTER   by normal US mail to pre-paid subscribers.   If you want to receive a copy, please mail $1.00 with your regular US mailing address to: Chet Snow, PO Box 1738 - Sedona AZ 86339 and request a 2016 Newsletter.    I ask $1.00  to pay for printing & postage.    Tell me you want a copy of the 2016 Mass Dreams Newsletter.   Prior editions of the Mass Dreams Newsletter (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015) are also available, on request, at $1.00 each.   You may send $5.00 -  Please say you want a copy of the last 5 Newsletters, plus the 2016 edition, in your request.    Or send $10.00 for TWELVE years back to Fall 2004.   Make checks to: Dr Chet Snow.  Each Mass Dreams Newsletter includes  my annual "Crop Circle Season Review" article, plus other timely information.    

Chet and Kallista Snow are at home in Sedona, Arizona or you can e-mail Chet.    Please send all e-mails to:  cbsnow [AT] npgcable [dot] com     Thank you.  [If for any reason this e-mail link fails, place your cursor on the highlighted text and check full e-mail address, not printed here due to anti-spammng]. 
  You can also phone: (928) 204-1962 - No evening calls, please!


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